About Asa

My friend Asa. Sometimes I mother him too much, but he knows I mean well and that I have an unconditional love for him.

I write about him a lot, but I’ve only published about a tenth of the posts I’ve written about him. He’s just very easy to write about.

(Yes, we’ve met in “real life.” He’s been a guest in my home.)

He’s ******, from Israel, and served in the IDF before coming to the USA for love and college.

The college thing worked out great, he’s a brilliant man who is now employed in an industry he’s wanted to be a part of since he was about 15.

The love thing I firmly believe will work out also.

When I was floundering and in despair, Adam reached out to me and befriended me. Simply because kindness is his default setting.

His *love and friendship was very redemptive to me. He knew the worst thing there was to know about me, and still decided to be my friend.

He also believed in me when I was offered a completely different career.

Simply put, when we met, I was praying to die. A year and a half later, I spend my days helping other people in the course of my new job.

Adam believed in me a me I didn’t think existed. He helped heal me. He loved me when I was completely unlovable.

He always points me towards God.

He never gives up and it would take a book to tell of all he overcame.

I’m proud of him and he’s a role model to me.

*Not a romantic love. He’s younger than I and I took great pains to establish that in the very beginning of our friendship.