About Ronny and Sam


Sam. Sam. Sam.

Sam is one of the most interesting people I have ever met.

He’s in charge of a large department in the town I work for, (not my department) and he’s also Ronny’s boss.

He pulled me in on one of his projects a few months ago and I get the feeling he’d like for me to leave my current department and come work for him.

He was on leave until January 15 and I missed him.

He’s way older than I am and he gives me this secure and settled feeling, like my father always did.

He is so utterly brilliant that I could listen to him talk all day. He tries to explain things like black holes and dislikes the fact that I believe in creation.

He is an engineer now, but background education is in psychiatry. Sometimes, when we were working intently on the first project he pulled me in on, I’d hold my hands in front of my eyes and tell him to stop analyzing me and figuring me out.

He just laughed and started singing.

Besides the mayor, Sam is my work hero, except when he ticks me off.

Ronny is the town maintenance man. He’s about 10 years younger than I and his personality is so much like my little brother’s personality that I cried the first day I met him.

He’s very smart, but he’s been through some things in life.

We were hired and approved at the same council meeting so he’s a like a talisman to me.

I go out of my way to ask Ronny’s opinion and treat him with respect. I think some people look at him and remember when he was the town drunk and hellraiser, but I never knew him then.

Plus, he’s really trying hard to make a new life for his wife and sons.

I can see that with Ronny I try and make up for ways I feel like I failed my little brother.

I’m not unhappy about that.