About Mr. Jay Allgood

I’ve written a bit about Mr. Jay Allgood before. He has a terminal illness and asked me to write his will.

He wanted it on a post-it note. I talked him out of the post-it note and instead used a downloadable will for our state.

He comes around to see me 2-3 times a week. He’s a rounder! Or was in his early years anyway.

He gave me a Kennedy half-dollar after I wrote his will.

I didn’t want to accept it, but I could tell it meant a lot to him, so I thanked him.

The week after Christmas he asked me to ask my husband if I could go to Vegas with him in February.

He’s convinced he has some old books that are worth money and he wants to sell them to the lady bookseller that appears on Pawn Stars.

“That’s Miss Bauer,” he tells me. “Woo wee, I’d marry her tomorrow!”

He continues, “Tell your husband I need someone with me, like a health aid. I ain’t up to no hanky panky.”

However, I can tell when he stays for hours to talk to me that hope indeed springs eternal.

One day he almost shot me, but that’s another story!

[As of April of 2019 I have not seen Mr. Allgood in several months. I suspect he died but I’m afraid to look.]

***Happy post script! Mr. Allgood dropped by last week. (May 2019.) He has been very ill, but he’s still alive.