About Josh

Josh is a 14 year-old partial orphan. His mom died last year and his dad is who knows where? He moved to the town I work in to live with his grandparents.

He came to my facility and started volunteering the first day he visited. He’s brilliant, artistic, and autistic. (High functioning.) He can discuss Plato but also quickly revert to a level of childishness and goofiness that’s hard to handle.

He takes up a lot of room in my heart. He always thanks me for being there for him, but the reality is that his needing me was a huge blessing.

Josh recognizes my struggles with Danny and goes very far out of his way to run interference and distract Danny from being obsessed with me.

Josh is back in school now though, so I only see him about twice a month.

He works very hard when he is with me, and I just love him to pieces, even though he stole $20 from me over the summer.

To his credit, he used the money the next day to buy pizza, cokes and cookies for everyone.

Party in the city I guess you could say.