About Jake

Jake is a volunteer at my facility. He is 69 years old, a former guitarist in a band of a tad of renown on the Southern college party circuit of the 1970’s. 

He’s also an unabashed metal head. If he gets to the playlist for the day first, I’m in Deep Purple purgatory for a few hours.

Jake is a bit of a hermit and has Asperger. He drove me crazy the first month or so because he refused to be drawn into conversation. Then I cracked his code with music and he started talking, and singing.

But only to me. He straight up ignores anyone else in the building.

My only problem with Jake is that he takes about 29 showers less a month than he actually needs and he told me he takes oxycodone at work. He has a prescription for it, but still.

He’s very lonely and I worry about him a lot. He really had my back my first few months on my new job and helped me navigate the scene.

He’s very brother-ish to me, as far as I’m concerned. But I asked him once if he considered us friends yet and he said, “no, but you’re a great acquaintance.”

So be it.

But if I don’t hear from him for three days in a row I call the law to ride by and check on him.

What if he dies an no one knows?