About Doug

Doug was my friend. We worked together on an international publishing event, but not for the same company. Then we co-owned/moderated a fan Facebook page.

His cancer came back and he went off the deep end.

Then he wasn’t my friend, when I said no to having an affair.

And he was awfully mean to me during the wasn’t.

I probably deserved it.

But no, I didn’t deserve all of it. Because there was a lot.

I didn’t see the point in all the pain he intentionally inflicted.

But he also opened me to some great things life.

We are friends again now, but he’s dying.

I thought I loved him at one time. But I didn’t, not really.

I did always care about him, and I still do.

I always will.

And in between the “still do” and the “always will” are a million unsaid words.

[Doug died in March of 2019.]