About Danny

I started a special needs student training program at my new job.

Danny was my first student. I love him but he’s way too attached to me and his parents quickly took advantage of my good intentions by dumping him on me every single day.

All day.

He’s handicapped and emotionally troubled when he doesn’t get his way.

Unfortunately, Danny is also somewhat sexually aggressive and uses hugging as a way to get his physical needs met.

I’m constantly on guard and completely mentally fatigued from having to deal with him and his selfish parents.

No, I’m not a social worker or in anyway in that kind of field.

It’s just that his dad is friends with a very powerful person who controls a lot about this job.

Did I mention I have a hard time with boundaries?

If I could have foreseen the future of this situation with this person, I don’t think I would have taken this job.

He’s just that hard to deal with.

I can’t explain this: but I love him. If is parents died I would adopt him.

He needs me.

It’s just hard to be needed that much.