About Conrad Acorn

Conrad is my uber-fabulous 80 something year old Craft Teacher. He would have been even more fabulous if his mother hadn’t of controlled him until he was in his 60’s, if you know what I mean.

I adored him the first time I met him, but I think I was just too girly for him to start with. I’m also very solicitous of men in general and I think that made him uncomfortable in the beginning.

I asked him one day in the summer if I could get him a drink of water and he held up a bony forefinger and said, “I think you’ll discover that I’ll require very little from you.”

I was crushed.

So my mission in life became making Conrad at least tolerate me.

A year later, I am happy to report that it’s “mission accomplished!”

Conrad and I are like peas and carrots, whether he wants to admit that I’m the reason he comes in three hours before art class and sits in my office or not!