A lady I respect – giving sorrow words

I’ve always had an easier time getting along with guys and I’ve never developed much affinity for members of my own sex.

But there is this lady I respect and I’m right now watching her, although she doesn’t know it.

I’m sure she would rather be with her son and his wife today, in a city 200 miles from here.

Their baby, her grandson, died Saturday. He was born at only 23 weeks gestation.

Yet she is here. Doing this:

Playing so beautifully as she always does. With a calm expression on her face.

I’m not sure if the people here for today’s graduation service even know about the death of the baby.

I only know about his death because my sister is Facebook friends with the couple who’s son died.

I know the couple also, many years ago I taught their Sunday School class, but I tend to have very few people in my Facebook circle.

That factoid is neither here nor there to where my heart is right now.

My heart is with the lady our school calls Mrs. Granny.

Secondarily, my heart and prayers are with the young man she calls “son,” and the daughter-in-law she loves.

She will be with them tonight, as she is driving to their city after graduation. (Alone, for she is a widow.)

Right now though?

She’s serving the Lord.



    • Mrs. Granny, as everyone in the school calls her, has also always been remarkably kind to me.

      It’s a very conservative church school and I’m a working mom. But I’ve never felt one iota of judgement from her.

      In fact, she’s always gone out of her way to make me feel welcomed.

      I’ve always wanted her to write a book. All three of her adult children are in full time Christian service and are equally as kind and precious.

      Thanks for reading about Mrs. Granny.

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