“I say goodbye without telling him”

[Old poem-ish thing.]

I’m feeling over it
Exchanged a few pleasantries
Briefly discussing the angry words
Then agreed to let them go

So we could both pretend
There was no fight
Because anger is rooted in feelings
That can’t exist here

So I put it to bed, in my head
I say goodbye
Without telling him
Because it never was to him,
What it was to me

Then the phone rings
And I’m back in the heartbreak
All over again

I found a picture of you, oh oh oh oh


16 thoughts on ““I say goodbye without telling him”

    1. I would email you but …

      Ok, it cracks me up and makes me smile so much every time I say email to you.

      Am I bad for that?

      For some reason your blog doesn’t show up in my I-Phone app. But I do google it and check every day to see if you’ve written anything new!

      I’m so glad to see your name pop up.

      Liked by 1 person

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