I can’t, I’m not, I won’t, and I wish I hadn’t

Doug thinks I should have taken his side and defended him in his Twitter war with four reporters.

I told him advance that he shouldn’t do that.

It’s never a good policy to try and shame a reporter on Twitter.

I begged him, “please do not say {something negative} about Reporter A and B and tag Reporters C and D with a challenge to cover the story they way you demand it be covered.”

I’m here to tell you right now: it’s not going to happen.

Journalists are always going to have each other’s backs situations like this, especially when it plays out in public.

It didn’t have to play out in public, but he forced the issue.

It would have been far better to pitch the story in private to a different reporter rather than trying to shame the two he think’s dropped the ball.

And speaking of TWO REPORTERS- that was a double cross in and of itself!

Why do I ever trust this guy? Sheesh, I’m so stupid. I’m the Charlie Brown in this situation.

When Doug approached me about pitching the exclusive to Reporter A, I first tried to convince him to let me pitch it to the New York Times.

The exclusive part of the story that he had, that would need to be fact checked. That takes manpower that only places like WaPo and NYT have.

I told him then, “this is how it’s going to play out. They might mention the part that you want them to focus on, because you do have photos. But they are not going to be able to overturn the narrative like you desire at a local paper.”

“No,” he says, “this is who I want to give the exclusive to.”

So I stupidly went along with it, after explaining carefully that by promising an exclusive to Reporter A, you are honor-bound not to pitch that same exclusive to another reporter.

Did he honor that? No.

After I pitched the exclusive to Reporter A (his choice), he went behind my back and approached Reporter B, at a complete different media outlet, and offered her the exclusive.

Then, when the story was published this week and it didn’t include all the info he thought should be included, he gets on Twitter and complains about the two reporters not using the “exclusive.”

Hello: you can’t give two reporters the same exclusive!

I was blindsided, had no idea he had contacted Reporter B after I had promised an exclusive to Reporter A!

All this is playing out in public and he keeps tagging me in Tweets, to “loop me in.” So I’m busy emailing these four reporters apologizing, trying to make it right, explaining Doug’s situation and why it might seem that he’s overacting.

Overreacting is probably the understatement of the year in regards to him. He was like Sherman marching through Georgia on Twitter.

Me in a DM: Doug, please don’t do this. Journalists hate being b*tched out on Twitter.

Doug to me: Then they shouldn’t even be on Twitter.

Me to Doug: Please, I never ask you for anything. I’m begging that you just this once take my advice on this.

Doug to me: They need to grow thicker skin and learn to take their lumps.

Me to Doug, exasperated: Do you think I have placed a career high of $21 million in earned media by b*tching out reporters on Twitter?

Doug to me: “I’m finished.”

Me to Doug: Are you mad at me?

Doug: ______________________
[No reply, just silence.]


How much can a woman take?
How much pain before a heart can break?
I placed my life into your hands,
but now, I’ve got to change my plans.

Just for a while,
I’m going to hold back my tears,
open my ears to my heart;
and baby, just for a while,
I’m going to be someone strong,
keep walking on without you.
That’s what I’ll do.


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